Well – It is the First Day of August. Which means – School is around the corner. We have had a great summer and I’ve enjoyed every second together with this amazing student group!!! They all Rock!!!

My encouragement going into this new school year is for our students to learn, study, create opportunities, and give it all to God! God can help all of us in our studies, learning, relationships, schooling, career goals, life goals, and in EVERY area of our lives. We need to listen to him, daily learn from HIS word, and be the servants that are expanding God’s Kingdom!!!! When in school (as in all areas of life) – be a warrior for Christ and put on the Armor of God!

Our students come from all walks of life. They all have spiritual gifts, specific differences, different schools, different goals, different learning behaviors, but they all serve the SAME loving and desiring God whose grace is sufficient.

Be a God Student First!

Love Always,

Pastor Chris…. (aka Mr. Chris)………………